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About Us

FAYEK Decorative Furniture Co. has been a leading furniture manufacturing business for over 70 years, and intends to remain the leader of today’s decoration furniture that will be tomorrow’s antiques. All generations of the Fayek family of Egypt, have inherited the responsibility to bring you the authenticity of the past in today’s expertise.

Throughout the years, antique furniture has been one of the most sophisticated business combining art and talent. 

In order to conquer new markets in this field and become a positive element in its worldwide business, we are seeking a give-and-take beneficial relationship, which would guarantee all parties’ satisfaction. 

Allow us to present ourselves. 

Furniture Co. S. A. E. (Fayek) has been a leading furniture manufacturing business managed by the third generation of the Fayek family of Egypt for over 60 years. 

We have also gained an undeniable experience in furnishing all kinds of hotel projects… such as ‘Sheraton, Four Seasons, Grand Hayatt, Hilton, Meridian, Mariott, Intercontinental and Ritz Carlton.’ Wilson & Associates, Bryiton & Hughs, as well as Frank Nicholson can also be listed amongst the international designers with whom we collaborate. 

Our business consists of creating an extensive collection of distinctive unique models. Each piece is devotedly created by the professional hands of master artisans who have been trained in the old world tradition that has been handed down from generation to generation. We made it our responsibility to bring you the authenticity of the past in today’s expertise. 

Furniture of hand-carving and hand-made marquetry is the hallmark of our classic group. Thanks to a faculty of great potentials, which knew how to benefit from the finest reputation gained through decades of experience guaranteeing not only invincible quality furniture, but also an exceptional value of great taste. 

To remain on the top is not an easy task. Our maintenance to our position for the longest times proves our aptitude and our singularity. Striving for more success, we intend to remain the top leaders of today’s decoration furniture that would be tomorrow’s antiques. 

Decorative Furniture (Fayek) 
Furniture of today … Antiques of tomorrow.